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Sonic Journeys is a collection of aural landscapes that connect the creator, listener and music with the world around us.

Sonic Journeys commissions artists to create new works in response to specific stretches of landscape that inspire them on various journeys taken by foot, train and other modes of transport in rural and urban locations. These works are then recorded and available for download for listeners to experience the music as they pass through the same landscape that inspired it. A free map is available for download that gives the exact route for the listener to experience each Sonic Journey using their own personal mp3 player and headphones.

We are delighted that Sonic Journeys is part of an exciting new experimental service managed by the Arts Council and developed in partnership with the BBC, called The Space

Running until 31 March 2013 at thespace.org, alongside organisations such as Artangel, Bristol Old Vic, Aldeburgh Music and Turner Contemporary, it has given us the opportunity to experiment and engage with audiences in a completely new and innovative digital environment. The Space is available across all four key digital media platforms: PCs, smartphones, tablets and internet connected TVs. The service will also be available as a red button, video on demand service via Freeview HD. 

The Space has taken Sonic Journeys to a whole new level, increasing the breadth of the digital offer to enrich the experience. 

We have been able to create videos of the four existing Sonic Journeys plus one of our forthcoming commission by Adrian Utley (from Portishead), produced in partnership with the National Trust and due to be launched in mid-October. Alongside this we want to develop an online creative community, inviting people all over the country to upload user-generated content and art which crosses from the digital to be experienced in the real world.

Sonic Journeys is conceived and produced by sounduk. To find out more about us visit sounduk.net